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Maintenance companies

For maintenance companies: horizoon to manage incidents and perform corrective programming preventive maintenance, assigning it to operators to manage Fully computerized, task can be mananged from tablets.

Help Desk companies

Especially in companies need to have a helpdesk software agile and simple yet highly configurable to manage their model to register customer incidents and track tasks.

Empresas informáticas

Whether in support tasks, HelpDesk users, companies or other employees, incident management, bug control, damage control, internal task management, or process management software deployment, software companies can take a great game horizoon software, used their ticketing system, to serve customers or users, maintenance or support your helpdesk.

Customer services

For companies with call center departments, HelpDesk, online support, horizoon becomes a tool for communications essential to register and subsequently to make a study of the impact and customer support.

Gestión de incidencias

In short, any organization wishing to manage and computerize their issues or tasks, can reach solutions with horizoon software, based on the ticketing system.

Public administration

Also for public administrations, with user management or citizens, either as a record of complaints, suggestions, requests, complaints. With the possibility of install interactive kiosk with touch screen or keypad receptions mount, and that enables the sending and consulting complaints, complaints, requests, ....

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